Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Year in Review: Changes

Where do I begin?  2012 was a unique year to say the least.  A year of anxiety, fear, celebration, tragedy and change.

The Tracy Press has entered a new phase, new ownership, a new direction and a new future ahead.  The same could be said for the city as a new council member takes her seat and new business opportunities are on the brink for the city.

Some things didn't change in Tracy however.  Violence erupted again with four homicides in the city and a a few heartbreaking accident that resulted in fatalities.  Crime scene tape and road debris, they never change from year to year.

My role at the paper has changed as I take a larger writing role in addition to taking photographs.  And that is where I find myself taking a look back at some of the bigger moments behind the lens and some that never quite made the paper.

It was a bumpy ride in 2012 and well worth a second look.