Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Year in Review: The dumbest spot news assignment of the year

I was taking pictures of students arriving for the first day of school when a Facebook post caught my eye, a mountain lion was spotted in the Mountain House community setting off a search by heavily armed San Joaquin County Sheriff deputies.
Ok so in the end it was a cat.  A stupid, fat, feral cat sleeping on a roof.  How that cat ever got mistaken for a mountain lion is beyond me.
I did get some cool shots of deputies heavily armed walking the streets looking for the rouge cat.  Looking back they would have had a better chance catching it with a bowl of Friskies.
Anyway, stupidest news assignment of the year and runs a close second to dumbest overall only being surpassed by the time I was assigned to look for the UFO landing site south of town.  Looking back at that assignment I guess the mountain lion search was so bad after all.