Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Year in Review: 11-79

I didn't realize how many crashes I covered this year until I started going back through the photo files. I went to quite the collection of crashes and collisions on the roads in and surrounding Tracy.

As a general rule I only go to the injury accident crashes, the ones dispatched as "11-79" across the radio. we try not to go to all the minor property damage only the major crashes, seems too much like being an ambulance chaser the other way.

Unfortunately some of the crashes dis not have a happy ending. That is the job sometimes being a witness to events most people wouldn't to see.

Among the highlights of the year were ahead-on collision at 11th Street at Bird Road, a motorcycle rider suspected of driving under 100 on 11th Street before crashing into a field, a stolen car pursuit chase that ended crashing into a tree and a suspected drunk driver who careened off I-580 rolling a dozen or so times.

The adventures on the road I get to see makes me want to take the bus sometimes.

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